Nebraska Jr Barons Wheelchair Softball

The Nebraska Barons wheelchair softball teams (adult & junior) make their home at Nebraska Barons Field at ALLPLAY Complex.  After 20+ years practicing and playing in parking lots, the Barons now practice and play on the nations finest wheelchair softball field in the world.  The specifically designed field allows the players to maximize their abilities and play wheelchair softball to their ultimate potential.

The Jr Nebraska Barons are primarily sponsored by ALLPLAY Foundation and the Nebraska Adaptive Sports (NAS).

National Wheelchair Softball Association (NWSA)

For over 38 years, the National Wheelchair Softball Association (NWSA) has promoted and developed the game of wheelchair softball for adults with disabilities. Thousands of disabled athletes from across the country have benefited from the ability to participate in a game that is considered America’s greatest pastime. These individuals needed to develop a way of playing without the full use of their legs that would allow easy maneuverability in a wheelchair and keep the fast pace of softball. Thus was born a new game played on hard surfaces, such as a parking lot or one of the ten dedicated wheelchair softball fields through out the country, instead of the normal grassy infield, allowing players maximum speed and maneuverability,  A larger 16-inch softball is used (14 inch is used in the junior division) which allows wheelchair players catch hit and thrown balls without gloves.

Founded In 1976, NWSA serves as the governing body for wheelchair softball in the United States. The game is played under the official rules of the 16-inch slow pitch softball as approved by the Amateur Softball Association of America with some exceptions geared toward the wheelchair user. Teams throughout America practice on regular basis during late spring and summer months and compete in  tournaments throughout the summer. NWSA hosts a national wheelchair softball championship tournament annually, which celebrated its 38th anniversary in Minneapolis, MN at Todd Anderson Field this past August.

NWSA also has a junior division of wheelchair softball for youth. The junior division was established by NWSA specifically to provide an opportunity for disabled youths to enjoy the thrills and experiences of America’s pastime. As a result of their disabilities many children are left out of experiencing the joys provided by competitive athletics. But just like their classmates in school who play in YMCA and other competitive leagues, youth with disabilities should have the opportunity to experience and joys, sense of belonging to a team, health benefits, and all the life lessons provided by playing athletics.

Wheelchair softball is an competitive, exciting, and challenging summer sport that enables most wheelchair users to compete. To learn more about the NWSA, browse the website at:  

Who may participate? Generally, anyone with a permanent disability to a lower extremity can play wheelchair softball. Every player needs to be “certified” to determine eligibility and level of disability. Men, women, and children are invited to play on our team.


Bruce Froendt
Ph. 402-305-5020

Practice Location

ALLPLAY Sports Complex
6802 Harrison Street, Omaha, Nebraska


National Wheelchair Softball Association

Allplay Sports Complex