Sitting Volleyball

This sport is played from a seated position on a modified volleyball court. A regulation  sitting volleyball court is 6m x 10m, and the net is 1.15m for men and 1.0m for women. Other then the court setup the same rules apply. Athletes must have a physical disability that limits their ability to play the game of volleyball as we know it: standing up. This typically includes athletes who are affected by amputation (of the arm or leg), major knee tears, polio, knee or hip replacements, or any major muscle loss. In fact, by eliminating jumping, which can be adversely affected by disability or age, Sitting Volleyball puts all  players on a level playing field and brings disabled and able-bodied individuals together to play an enjoyable sport without limiting anyone’s abilities. The local team is Nebraska High Rollers. They practice at the Westroads Club within the Volleyball Center. The season runs January – 1st  part of June. This is a Blazesports Omaha event and is sponsored by Eastern Nebraska Wheelchair Athletic Association, Alegent Health Immanuel Rehab  Center, Great Plains Volleyball and the Nebraska Elite Volleyball Center.


Brent Rassmusen

Practice Location

Elite Sport & Fitness Complex
1212 N 102nd Ct
Omaha, NE 68114