The 2024 International Wheelchair Softball World Series (IWSWS) is gearing up to make waves in Omaha from August 15-17, hosted at the brand new First Interstate Bank Sports Complex in Valley, NE. As the record-setting 13-time champions, the Nebraska Barons extend a warm invitation for businesses to seize a sponsorship opportunity and shine during this uplifting and impactful event. With over 20 teams and 300 athletes slated to participate in more than 70 exhilarating games, the tournament is poised to capture the attention of a diverse audience, including coaches, friends, and hundreds of family and Omaha community members. This presents an unparalleled chance for businesses to showcase their support for high-level, high-energy adaptive sports, connect with a wide-ranging audience from the Omaha, Elkhorn, and Fremont metropolitan areas, and gain exposure through local and national print and media coverage.

Wheelchair softball, a sport brimming with dynamism and excitement, has been a beloved fixture in the United States for over 50 years. Serving as a stage for individuals with varying abilities to showcase their exceptional athletic prowess and chase after competitive triumphs, wheelchair softball embodies inclusivity and inspiration. Participants from all walks of life, ranging from doctors and lawyers to computer programmers and former professional baseball players, unite to practice weekly and compete in summer tournaments, all with the ultimate goal of clinching a national championship. Even the adaptation of softball rules to accommodate wheelchair use, including the innovative utilization of parking lots as playing fields, underscores the ingenuity and adaptability of the wheelchair softball community. Athletes representing a diverse array of disabilities, including amputation, spinal cord injuries, cerebral palsy, spinal bifida, congenital disabilities, and trauma injuries, collectively contribute to the sport’s spirit of inclusivity and motivation.

The Wheelchair Softball World Series is actively seeking sponsors to help cover the $80,000 required for hosting the tournament. Expenses encompass umpire fees, balls, awards, transportation, field equipment, programs, security, water, food, and other essentials. Various sponsorship levels, ranging from Grand Slam to Bunt sponsorship, offer multiple advertising and publicity opportunities tied to each contribution level, and sponsors can reap the benefits of tax deductions.

Sponsorships play a vital role in shaping a memorable tournament experience for athletes and the broader community alike. Interested parties are urged to seize this extraordinary opportunity and promptly submit their sponsorship or donation to be part of this remarkable event.

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