Sled hockey is the adaptive form of ice hockey. This sport is a fast-growing sport in the U.S. and around the world. Sled hockey is played like traditional hockey on a standard rink with regulation-sized goals, six players per team, and three fifteen-minute periods per game. Players sit in specially designed sleds that rest on skate blades. They use two short hockey sticks with a blade on one end to control the puck and metal picks on the other end of the sticks to propel the sled across the ice. Sled hockey is fun and exciting at every level. it is fast-paced and every bit as physical as traditional hockey when played at the highest levels.

Nebraska Adaptive Sports is excited to offer this opportunity to the community.


The Omaha Owls Sled Hockey program is for all ages. Sled hockey is for anyone with a disability that would prevent them from participating in traditional hockey. Typical athletes have spinal cord injuries, neurological disorders such as CP or Spina Bifida, loss of one or both legs, or otherwise unable to or have difficulty walking.


Players use the same type of equipment as traditional hockey with the exception of the skates. For this, they use a sled, which consists of a cushioned seat mounted on a tubular sled that has skate blades and a center pivot underneath. The player sits approximately four inches above the ice and is held into the sled with straps. Two shortened hockey sticks are used to handle the puck as well as propel themselves across the ice.


The Omaha Owls practices are held at the Baxter Arena on the Holland Ice in Omaha NE. Please contact Jena Munson for practice details at jena.munson@commonspirit.org